Sporting Intelligence is a technology company that harnesses custom analytics to produce pointed insights on the sporting world rooted in data analysis. Bettors and season long / daily fantasy players alike use our software to inform predictions and decisions with a data-driven approach.


Matchup Analysis Dashboard

Our game matchup dashboards provide a global view of a individual team’s strengths and weaknesses at every level on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball with a full spectrum of metrics that include our custom offensive and defensive efficiency metrics, EPA/play, 3rd down conversion rate, red zone trips and efficiency, explosive passing & rushing plays created, pass rush / protection and more. The dashboards quickly diagnose early in the week how a team will likely gameplan against its opponent and arm users with actionable matchup analysis to understand the game within the game and make data-driven decisions accordingly.

Player Matchup Dashboards

Our player matchup dashboards provide a comprehensive list of league leaders and laggards in a wide array of advanced passing, rushing and receiving metrics. Alongside a particular player’s ranking within a particular statistical category, the player matchup dashboard projects the opposing defense’s rank in the corresponding metric to quickly identify quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers with the most and least favorable matchups in the upcoming week. The tool provides a concise assessment of players set to outperform or underperform in a particular week and allows users to attack player prop markets and/or make data-driven lineup decisions in daily or weekly fantasy.

Strategies Dashboard

Sporting Intelligence has developed three predictive strategies that has effectively predict game totals at a 60% rate from the 2015 through 2022 seasons. The strategies utilize our comprehensive offensive and defensive efficiency metrics to identify value in the totals markets and make decisions before lines move during the week. For an in-depth explanation of each strategy, read more in the About Us section. <- put a link to the About Us Section


Sporting Intelligence leverages historical data and advanced data analytics to provide predictive straetgies that are effective in predicting game totals at a robust clip of 60%+ over an extended period of time between the 2015 and 2022 seasons.

The Fraud Or Not? Model → Two Good Defenses, are they for real?

The Fraud Or Not? Model uses key offensive and defensive efficiency metrics to evaluate matchups between two above average defensive units by developing a confidence profile for whether or not both defenses are efficienct enough to keep the game below the total at close.

Between 2015-2021 during Weeks 5-16, the Fraud Or Not? Model correctly predicts Overs/Unders at a 66% rate (99 of 149).

The 3 and Out Model → Two Extremely Poor Offenses Keep Total Under

The 3 and Out Model seeks to identify matchups in which two extremely inefficient offenses will continuously fail to move the chains, sustain drives and ultimately move the ball into scoring position throughout the course of the game. Think of a matchup in which Sam Darnold is running Carolina’s ineffective offense to a quick 3-and-out and punting the ball to the Broncos, who struggled mightily in 2022 to sustain drives on the ensuing drive for four quarters straight.

The Plumber Model → Two Poor Defenses in which the Total is Skewed Too High

The model seeks to identify matchups where two bad defenses are facing off, but media and public bias has skewed the line too high over the course of the week. This model says “that line is just too high.”

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