Our Mission is to Harness the Power of Data Analytics to Unlock Sporting Intelligence

Sporting Intelligence is a technology company that provides an array of free tools and strategies to inform decisions and predictions with a unbiased, data-driven approach. With unparalleled speed and efficiency, our dynamic tools and strategies provide concise and impartial matchup analysis to enable users make data-driven decisions in a wide array of markets across pro football.

Matchup Analysis Dashboard

Our game matchup dashboards provide a global view of a individual team’s strengths and weaknesses at every level on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball with a full spectrum of metrics that include our custom offensive and defensive efficiency metrics, EPA/play, 3rd down conversion rate, red zone trips and efficiency, explosive passing & rushing plays created, pass rush / protection and more. The dashboards quickly diagnose early in the week how a team will likely gameplan against its opponent and arm users with actionable matchup analysis to understand the game within the game and make data-driven decisions accordingly.

Player Matchup Dashboards

Our player matchup dashboards provide a comprehensive list of league leaders and laggards in a wide array of advanced passing, rushing and receiving metrics. Alongside a particular player’s ranking within a particular statistical category, the player matchup dashboard projects the opposing defense’s rank in the corresponding metric to quickly identify quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers with the most and least favorable matchups in the upcoming week. The tool provides a concise assessment of players set to outperform or underperform in a particular week and allows users to attack player prop markets and/or make data-driven lineup decisions in daily or weekly fantasy.

Strategies Dashboard

Sporting Intelligence has developed three predictive strategies that has effectively predict game totals at a 60% rate from the 2015 through 2022 seasons. The strategies utilize our comprehensive offensive and defensive efficiency metrics to identify value in the totals markets and make decisions before lines move during the week. For an in-depth explanation of each strategy, read more in the About Us section.

unified platform

We provide a fully integrated suite of matchup analysis products.

We provide custom analytics at each level of every matchup across pro football on a weekly basis, leveraging live-time data to allow users to understand the games happening inside the game. Sporting Intelligence’s suite of products provide users with tools to identify the most and least favorable matchups across the league with unparalleled speed by harnessing the power of data analytics.

Our Platform

Sporting Intelligence provides a suite of matchup dashboards to provide users with a global view of a team’s performance at every level of the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. The platform’s various dashboards allow users to leverage our robust data warehouse, providing a 360-degree view of each matchup across pro football on a weekly basis.

In addition our suite of matchup dashboards, Sporting Intelligence leverages historical data to develop strategies that have successfully predicted game total results at a robust clip of 60% between the 2015 and 2022 seasons.

How we can help

Cutting Edge Analytics

Sporting Intelligence leverages its live data warehouse to create custom analytics and rankings to provide a global view of matchups at every level of every matchup on a weekly basis across pro football.

Unparalleled Speed

When the scores go final on Sunday and Monday, our data warehouse updates instantaneously to allow you to immediately break down the upcoming week’s matchups with the latest data and rankings. The season moves quickly, and Sporting Intelligence is your one-stop destination to understand the macro trends that influence what happens on the field each week.

Clean Usability

Our tools and strategies do the heavy lifting for you. We present concise and impartial matchup analysis that ignores irrelevant media narratives throughout the season and provides a black-and-white assessment of a player or team’s strengths, weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages in the upcoming week.

Fast Improving Platform

Sporting Intelligence is continuously enhancing its suite of products to provide the most in-depth, unbiased matchup analysis and allow you to make unbiased, data-driven decisions throughout the season.


We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions to provide you with quick and helpful answers. If you have any additional inquiries or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How can Sporting Intelligence help me?

Sporting Intelligence’s suite of matchup analysis dashboards does the heavy lifting for you. We are the one-stop destination that allows you to efficiently identify the players and units with the most and least favorable matchups every week. Our tools instantaneously highlight the most significant mismatches league-wide every week to identify the factors that influence the outcomes of games, whether it be a top pass rush facing one of the worst offensive lines in pass protection, an offense with unmatched efficiency facing a defense that ranks in the league’s bottom five in red zone efficiency or a top running back facing the league’s 32nd-ranked rushing defense. We leverage our custom metrics and analytics to provide you with actionable information and understand the matchups that will decide the outcomes of a game.

What makes Sporting Intelligence different than traditional coverage of pro football?

Sporting Intelligence leverages its robust data warehouse to provide users with concise and impartial matchup analysis on a weekly basis. We are not interested in the media narratives that fuel television ratings every week; rather, we seek to leverage live data analytics to pragmatically break down matchups at every level of the gam, make informed, data-driven decisions and attack a wide array of markets across pro football.

What can I expect from Sporting Intelligence on a weekly basis?

Our dashboards update instantaneously when the scores go final on Sunday and Monday to allow users to get a jump start in breaking down the week’s upcoming matchups. Our aim is to arm users with data and facts early in the week to give you a leg up in whatever market you are seeking to beat, whether it be spreads and totals, player props, DFS or season-long fantasy football. Alongside our tools, we provide in-depth analysis via our weekly newsletters and podcast to supplement the custom data and metrics presented within our dashboards.

Is Sporting Intelligence free?

Yes. Users are empowered to use our tools to their benefit for free throughout the course of the pro football season. We aim to be your one-stop destination for breaking down matchups and conducting research and decision-making based in data. Sign up to receive our weekly newsletters direct to your inbox and tune into our podcast to understand how we seek to leverage our tools and dashboards to our benefit throught the season.

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